Ruth Yeboah


Ruth Yeboah is the founder of Women of Value INC., a non-profit organization focused on enriching the lives of women. Ruth dedicates her many talents to ensure the women she encounters, identify, and fulfill their divine purpose. Ruth received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University in Utah in 2007. She also holds a Master of Social Work degree from Widener University. She started her career with the New York City Administration for Children's Services (ACS) as a Child Protective Specialist (CPS) and continued within the foster care system as a case manager, working with young children and teen mothers. Ruth has almost 2 decades of experience in trauma and child abuse & neglect. She previously worked as a nationally certified Victim's Advocate for the United States Air Force. Her experiences denote the core of her philanthropic heart.Ruth has built an extensive career in social services, & also broke into the information technology (IT) world, as a US government cybersecurity analyst & engineer, building structures that protect government systems.She is also the designer and owner of Le Regard Apparel, a revolutionary nursing line that can be worn for breastfeeding and post-partum.Ruth is an author who loves to travel, read, & cook. She's a wife & a mother of two beautiful daughters.